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What people are saying about
Love my Montesourus Backpack Purse! Perfect size, not too small, not too big. Quality is AMAZING!! Customer Service was great! Payment Process sucks. (Takes sooo long!) Other than that, good experienc...
Adrienne on 04/08/2019
Super impresssed with the quality of the bag! I’ve already ordered a second one. The original colour I ordered was out of stock, but I promptly heard from from the site with my options. I was a litt...
Jessica on 03/17/2019
Received my bag yesterday. I am blown away by the quality. Thank you so much. I will be ordering the same bag in brown soon, as well as a Hermès Kelly bag for my wife.
Lance on 01/05/2019
I picked up the bag today. It is beautiful. Thank you so much!
Carmen on 01/05/2019

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