About Us

About Us


Back in 2005 we began learning about Louis Vuitton bags and we were fascinated by the whole experience.  The glamour and the glitz.  We felt at home.  We knew this was something we wanted to be involved with and so we decided there and then that we would do our utmost best to produce the finest lookalike Louis Vuitton bags and purses we could. 


As distributors of lookalike products (copies), we wanted to offer our interpretation of a genuine Louis Vuitton product, but at the same time our strong drive to produce the best was at the front our minds.  We wanted the best and they had to be utterly divine.  The problem was that we didn't really know how to spot a good Louis Vuitton copy from a bad copy.  You could say we were entering this with blind eyes!


We began with a small website, a thirst to succeed and a passion to offer the best.  We collaborated with venders in the GuangZhou BaiYun World Leather Trading Center.  We uploaded images taken directly from some of these boutique vendors, and that is the story of how we got off to a good start.


In the early days we offered exceptional customer service along with our products and proceeded in this manner for a few years.  Over time, customers and our own studies helped us understand what it takes to make the very best Louis Vuitton copies.


Our determination to find a supplier who could match our high levels of quality needed were hard fought.  The more we educated ourselves on what it took to produce impeccable Louis Vuitton copies, the harder we had to work to find suppliers who would be prepared or able to meet these requirements.


Many suppliers were lazy and not interested in working with us.  Our efforts to secure premium Louis Vuitton copies became exhausted and ultimately we made the decision to stop working with suppliers and instead find a partner would could produce products to our exact requirements.  We were simply not prepared to sell copied Louis Vuitton bags and purses that were only “so so” in terms of quality.


After what seemed like an eternity, and trying various manufacturers, we finally came to one who could produce the Louis Vuitton bags just how we demanded them – as good as the real thing.  We have now been working with this partner ever since, and things have gone on from strength to strength.


From this point on we made the decision to purchase a genuine authentic Louis Vuitton bags at great expense from a specialist boutique.  These products cost thousands to but we felt that was the only way we could recreate the original in the best possible way ever.


Here is where the real work began.  Our real-to-life interpretation of genuine Louis Vuitton products had begun in earnest!  With our partner manufacturer, we visited many material vendors to try and source the very best material that perfectly matched the Louis Vuitton material used.


Once found, our partner inspired his craftsmen to recreate every specific detail of the genuine Louis Vuitton bags.  It took a few attempts to get the exact mix of craftsmanship and material until we finally hit it right on the head.  Our best-ever Louis Vuitton copy was born and the results were simply stunning.


With the new bags came new interest, and orders.  2011 was an amazing year!


So what makes us different?


We have painstakingly gone to great lengths to make our copies as close to the original as humanly possible, and the results speak for themselves.  As a factory based online shop we can adjust to market conditions with ease.  We use the finest material and we exhaust every last avenue to make our bags as stunning as the original.  We also use a professional photographer to highlight the quality of our products.


How do competitors work?

Most of our so-called competitors are not real manufacturers, but are rather dropshippers who are only in it for their own commission.  They have no way of confirming the quality once it leaves the factory on it's way to the customer, so the quality comes in to question.


Business Opportunity:

We are looking for affiliate partners whom we can work with, who share our passion and dream for quality.  If you feel you can help please get in touch by sending us an email to [email protected].


Company News: we will post news on http://www.louisvuittonreplica.cn/blog-section, enjoy it and leave your comment if you have any thoughts.  We'd love to hear what you think!


Benefits to registering an account: you can buy as a guest and enjoy all the perks that go along with a purchase, however you won't receive loyalty rewards unless you register an account.  After registration, our system recognizes you as an existing customer, then you further orders are far easier with a simple “one-click” action.


Mission statement: As a premium Louis Vuitton copy supplier, our mission is to keep every customer satisfied and loyal to us. We want to produce the highest quality copies at the most affordable price. We want to make the shopping experience easy to every customer. No matter what device you use, pc, smartphone or tablet, you will enjoy a easy-to-use shopping experience. We want to make every customer happy and loyal.


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Benefits of our products: As previously described, we use best material to produce Louis Vuitton bags.  It's hard to explain in words how good the our material is, but we guarantee that once you wear it you can feel it.


Additional product line: We have also sourced what we believe is an amazing original material which we are extremely excited about.  After much testing, we found a superb closely matching original material.  The material is imported and it's much more closer to authentic Louis Vuitton material. 


We are trying to make us your best asset so we will never stop listening to our valued customers' feedback. If you have a good idea to share with us, please leave a comment at http://www.louisvuittonreplica.cn/blog-section/help-us-improve or contact us at http://www.louisvuittonreplica.cn/index.php?route=information/contact  

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