Latest Articles does its homework when it comes to pricing Louis Vuitton products and product lines.  We take the time to look at all of the pertinent information: pricing, bag sizes, colors, what.. Read More
The best of the best in luxury bags are notorious for being very secretive and silent about its bags.  They are very reluctant to sell online except through their website, and if you are trying t.. Read More
Louis Vuitton is indeed iconic, and its Alma Bag is one of its most easily recognized products in their line.  It is hard not to notice that dome shape, its fashionable signature look, making it .. Read More
There is a certain thrill in making a big purchase and stepping out on a limb and buying a high quality replica Louis Vuitton bag.  You have planned for this, saved the necessary money by skippin.. Read More
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MoneyGram Locations: How to Use the MoneyGram Locator
Learn how to easily find a MoneyGram location near you with the MoneyGram locator. Visit to get started and learn more about our services today.  Want to find MoneyGram locations near you? First visit to use the MoneyGram locator. A map will open showing you where you are and the nearest MoneyGram locations. Or to find a MoneyGram location near a specific area, just enter a street address and the map will show you all the MoneyGram locations nearby. If you need to find a MoneyGram location that will provide a specific service, pick..
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How to Send Money Online in the US with MoneyGram
Learn how to send money online with MoneyGram's online services. Visit to get started with sending money online to family and friends. Looking to learn how to send money online? In a few simple steps you will be sending money to family and friends with the MoneyGram website from your desktop or mobile phone. First visit select the country you would like to send money to. Next, choose the receive option, this is how the receiver will pick up the money. There are many options like picking up cash at a MoneyGram location or depositing into a bank accou..
How MoneyGram Works: How to Send Money
Learn how to send money in-stores at a MoneyGram location with this instructional video. Visit to find a location and start sending money to family and friends. Learn how MoneyGram works for you and how easy it is sending money at MoneyGram. To get started, find a MoneyGram location near you. Watch the using the MoneyGram locator video to learn how to easily find a MoneyGram location near you. Once you find a location, make sure you bring your ID and the money you want to send. You can use the website to find the store’s hours and the proper ID requi..
Just like western union and moneygram, Ria is created to transfer money among family members and friends, they are not for business purpose. Let us see their mission: What We Believe In With a worldwide agent network of more than 240,000 locations in more than 130 countries—and growing—we shorten the distance between families and their loved ones through our world class money transfer service. Our mission is simple. We strive to offer the most simple, reliable and friendly money transfer service. Period. We go to great lengths to ensure people's hard-earned money is received by their..
Cash pickup We can only pick up cash at one of Ria 241,000 agent locations in 131 countries worldwide. All we need to pick up the cash is a valid government issued photo ID and the Pin number offered by you. ..
You can send money from your U.S. bank account by selecting “Bank Account” during the payment selection process. We can pick up the money from one of the Ria 241,000 agent locations. When you enter your payment information to pay via your bank account, you will need to know your routing number and your full account number. Some things to consider when paying with a bank account: 1.Ria requires customers to verify all first time bank accounts by entering the amount of the two small micro deposits Ria will deposit into your account. 2.Once your bank account has been verified, transfers t..
You can safely and securely send money using your U.S. bank account, your debit card or your credit card. Using your bank account Using your bank account is the most cost effective, but most time consuming option. Bank funded transactions start at an all-time low cost of $3 – except in the Philippines – where it is free. Additionally, bank funded transactions take, on average, four business days. This is because we need to verify with the bank that the funds are available. In order to use your bank account, you will just need to know the routing and bank account number. Using your de..
There are several options available to you to find answers to your money transfer questions. Ria is alreasy there to help — so all you need to do is choose which option works best for you. Here is a list of your available options: E-mail Ria: Send us an e-mail at [email protected] and they will respond to your request within the same day as long as your e-mail is sent between the hours of 5 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST. Call Ria: Ria customer service team is there to help. They are available Mon-Fri from 5 AM – 6 PM PST and Sat-Sun from 6 AM – 6 PM PST. You may reach them by d..
In order to send more than $3,000 in one day, please visit one of the 241,000 Ria agent locations. Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time to send more than $3,000 in one day online. Additionally, the maximum amount of allowable money transfers per use during any rolling 30 calendar day period is $7,999.99 USD. ..
The costs depend on the amount you are sending and the speed in which you send your money. While the actual cost increases based on the amount of money you choose to send, the price per dollar decreases as you send more. In terms of speed, you have three choices in selecting how to send your money:     1. Bank account: Sending money through your bank account is the least expensive option but will take four business days from when you verify the two micro deposits Ria deposits in your account.  2. Debit card: If you send money from your debit card, your transfer w..
Throughout the money transfer process, Ria will notify you via e-mail when any status changes are made — and this, of course, includes when we receive the funds. ..
In order to send money you will need to know our first name and last name, our address and phone number. Additionally, we can only pick up the money at a local agency, so any bank account should not be required. ..
You can send up to $2999.99 per money transfer, per day. However, please be advised that the max amount you can send in 30 days is $7,999. If you would like to send more than this, we ask that you visit one of Ria agent locations to provide additional information including an ID and other necessary documentation that will help them ensure a safe and secure transfer per AML (Anti Money Laundering) guidelines.  * Please note, Oklahoma and Arizona residents are limited to send a max amount of $999.99 per user per calendar day.  ..
The fastest way to send money is by debit or credit card. The processing time for debit and credit cards takes, on average, 15 minutes. If, however, you prefer to send money via your bank account, the processing time takes approximately four business days from when you are able to verify the micro deposits Ria will place in your account. This is because it takes time to verify with your bank account that the funds are in fact available. When receiving money, a cash pick up or courier delivery will be that fastest method – although both options are dependent upon the payout agent or courier’..
Sending money with Ria is simple. Please see the steps outlined below for both returning and new users. Returning Users All you need to do is log in to your account dashboard and select your recipient. Since, chances are, you will be sending money to the same person or the same handful of people, just select the person you would like to send money to and hit “quick send.” This will pop up your order summary where you can confirm your recipient details, your delivery method, your payment details and all general money transfer details. If you have any edits, make them here. Otherwise, hit ..
In order to send money from a 7-Eleven, you must pick up a Ria 7-Eleven card at the store location. On the card, you will find a 1-800 phone number to call in. The call is received by a Ria 7-Eleven customer service agent who will take all of your information and then place the transaction for you. Once the transaction has been placed, the Ria customer service agent will call you and notify you that you may now pay for the transaction at the 7-Eleven location. You can pay for the transaction immediately or choose to have a 24 hour window in which you must pay. Please note, If you do not pay f..
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