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User experience optimization is on our top priority to-do list. We will never stop improve our customer's shopping experience. We struggle to build our site around three online service principles:

  1. offer products customers want
  2. make it quick and easy to locate products
  3. help is always available when the customer need it

But we don't know if we have done good enough, so we sincerely ask you to help us by answering the following questions:

  1. Is our website easier enough for you to find your target product? If no, how can it be improved?
  2. Is it easy for you to place your order?  If no, how can it be improved?
  3. How do you think of our order fulfillment process? Is there any room to make progress?
  4. Is it easy for you to share our products online?  If no, how can it be improved?
  5. Can you find the product that you want most? If no, what's it?
  6. Is it easy for you to contact us when you want and where you want?  If no, how can it be improved?
  7. What else can we do to make you quicker and easier to shop with us? 

We are loyal to our customer's feedback, we will listen and then take action accordingly if we are able to. So, if your shopping experience is not perfect, please let us know. Please help us deliver you an enjoyful experience. We really appreciate your informed feedback.

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