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Here at Louis Vuitton Replica we make the most perfect replica Louis Vuitton bags you will ever see – bar none.  Traditional authentic Louis Vuitton bags generally retail; anywhere from $800 to $5,000 with the second hand an “hard to find market” seeing Louis Vuitton bags going for as high as $1,000.  The bags are usually carried by high earners and celebrities.

We have spent over 10 years perfecting our bags to an impeccable state that amaze all who see.  Our bags are priced extremely attractively at a fraction of what the genuine bags cost, and as a result this generally means that people love our products and they love the price.

Traffic and tracking

As an affiliate if you can drive your own targeted traffic to our website then you can earn money when that person places an order.

We use cookies to track that customer.  This means that our site understands that you sent the customer to our site and as a result you receive a 5% commission.

Heavy traffic drivers can apply for a dedicated coupon code which when redeemed by customers will generate a commission(no tracking id's are required).

In addition, the cookie lasts indefinitely.  This means that each time that customer returns to make further purchases you will once again earn an affiliate commission.  Cookies are “lifetime” cookies based upon the last affiliate to refer them to the website.  If another affiliate drives them back to our site at a future point then they will receive future commissions.  If that customer were to clear their device of cookies then no affiliate would receive a commission.

You can read more by reviewing our sign up page here:  This also shows the sign-up process.

Payments are made weekly to successful affiliates.

Please note that you will only earn commission when the sale is driven through to completion of a successful transaction by the customer.  If they abandon the shopping cart or their payment fails then this counts as a no-sale and no commissions will be made.

How much can you earn?

Well with average prices ranging from $150+ to $300 you can soon accumulate considerable earnings.  Sell just two bags per day and earn on average $30 per day.

Why choose Louis Vuitton Replica?

We are genuine trusted manufacturers who strongly believe in quality.  We've worked with numerous manufacturers over the years, improving the quality of the craftsmanship over time until we found our current manufacturer who produces exceptionally well made copies using high end materials similar to the ones used in authentic bags costing ten times the amount.

How to register:

Apply to register and fill out the registration form.  Click on “New affiliate”, then enter first and last name and email address as well as telephone number.  Proceed further to enter your full address then payment information and desired password.  Finally check the box to agree to the terms and click on “continue”.

Posted by James Wong

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