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Top 5 Louis Vuitton Backpack Replicas To Suit Your Style

Quality high end fashion has never been so affordable. With less, you can now have more when your purchase these LV replica backpacks. Authentic Louis Vuitton backpacks may be above the budget of several fashionistas but these replicas have made it easy for stylish people who love fashion on a budget.


Vintage, brand new and original backpacks can be found in designated pop up stores but if you want the replicas or what is called the fake Louis Vuitton backpacks with top quality, then we have got you covered.


If you are new to the world of fashion, not to worry! We will explain the types of backpacks and some of the features they possess. This will help you make informed choices on how to get them and some of the purposes they serve.


The top 5 Louis Vuitton backpack styles are Apollo Backpack, Michael Backpack, Palm Springs Backpack, Fanny pack, and Montsouris backpack. Not only are these backpacks selling out, they are known to be durable, stylish and worth every bit of your penny.



LV Backpacks for Men

For the stylish modern man, I suggest you explore all the promises that the Apollo Backpack has to offer. This backpack is from the spring-summer 2018 collection, and going from previous experience, this backpack will be sold out before you know it. This black lv backpack is very much in demand this summer. 

louis vuitton Apollo Backpack



School Backpacks from LV


If you need a school backpack, look no further than this Damier Michael backpack.  It is not over the top and it suits all those with conservative style. It has a modest style and it is suitable for those with high fashion taste but do not want to call attention to themselves. 


Damier Michael Backpack


On the other hand, nothing screams sophistication that this Louis Vuitton Supreme backpack. This red high profile and magnificent backpack is roomy enough to take as many documents and items as possible. Supreme is a good choice for you if you are practical but like it stylish. Hikers will find this bag rewarding.


louis vuitton supreme backpack


Another fantastic suggestion is the Christopher PM. Made of tough epi leather, it is the perfect choice for the serious-minded man. This bag is heavy but it is worth its weight. For those who love its lavish style but do not like carrying heavy bags, you can go for a damier backpack with the same style.


Backpacks for new moms

Being a new mom should not hinder your sense of style. The Josh monogram is an all in one backpack that was crafted with the mother and the baby in mind. It is the perfect carry on and it can contain all the baby and mother essentials while retaining its stylish sophistication. It is durable, sturdy and it comes with adjustable straps that do not inflict pain on the shoulders and arms even after all that weight. Alternatively, the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs is another good choice for new moms.



Louis Vuitton Palm Springs

This range of backpacks provide you with more than one option. They are stylish, durable and fashionable. It was specially created for the confident woman. The Palm Springs backpack comes in three sizes: mini, pm and mm:

Style, Price & Size




Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack MM Bag

$278 (USD)

11″ L x 13″ H x 6.4″ W

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack PM Bag

$255 (USD)

11″ L x 12.2″ H x 3.9″ W

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Mini Bag

$208 (USD)

11.4″ L x 7.9″ H x 3.5″ W



Among the above 3 sizes, the Louis Vuitton mini backpack is a favorite. This backpack has enjoyed a massive sell out in our store and since it was it was released in 2016, it has enjoyed attention from a lot of young ladies. This fashion forward mini back pack is cute and perfect for ladies who want to draw attention to their style. It has a leather scarf loop and adjustable straps. Made with the softest calf skin, its nylon lining gives it a perfect finish. It is suitable for every occasion. 



Fanny Backpack from LV

This backpack serves as an alternative for those who do not enjoy caring large backpacks. fanny pack is portable yet stylish. It has graced the arms of several celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kendal Jenner, Bella Hadid and other top models. It fits your phones, compact makeup and some loose change. It is lightweight and can be worn to make a fashion statement. 

louis vuitton fanny backpack


The Bumbag is a stylish and exotic variant of the Fanny pack.



The LockMe Backpack

It can be worn on different occasions:: to a girls night out or a date night with loved ones or friends. It has been designed in a way that can be carried in multiple ways. The adjustable leather straps can be carried over the shoulder or across the body. The lv lockme backpack is affordable, stylish and practical.  You will love the lv lockme backpack.

louis vuitton lockme backpack



LV Montsouris MM backpack

While we are still making recommendations, you should try out this montsouris mm backpack. It has a vintage look and you know what they say; old is gold! The authentic vintage version may be above your budget but if you purchase the one introduced for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection, you can get it for a more affordable price. 



louis vuitton montsouris mm backpack 

The Louis Vuitton Montsouris backpack is made for the urban stylish woman. Its natural leather trim and bonded microfiber lining gets you all the attention that you need. It has a shiny gold-color metal hardware, adjustable leather straps, drawstring top closure secured by a buckle, an outside zipped pocket, inside flat pocket and a triangle shaped flapped to complete this beautiful masterpiece.


Place your orders on any of these backpacks and have them delivered to you wherever you are. We have a refund policy and all our replicas are affordable and of high quality.

Posted by James Wong

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